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Sixteen Hot Beverages Perfect for Winter Weddings

Last week, I have featured two stylish wedding inspirations (here & here) for couples who are planning to get married these winter months. On this post, I present sixteen hot beverages that are perfect for winter weddings!  Click on the name of the drink to view the recipe.

Gluhwein (Hot Mulled Wine) Gluhwein (Hot Mulled Wine)

 Honey Orange Hot Toddy Honey Orange Hot Toddy

Ginger Cognac Tea Ginger and Cognac Tea

Green Tea with Lemon and Pomegranate Green Tea with Lemon and Pomegranate

Homemade Chai Homemade Chai

Homemade White Hot ChocolateHomemade White Hot Chocolate

HOT AND SPICED CHOCOCINOHot and Spiced Chococino

Hot Buttered Rum Hot Buttered Rum Drink

Hot Rice Breakfast Drink Hot Rice Breakfast Drink

hot white chocolate with rum sweetpaulHot White Chocolate with Rum

Irish Coffee Irish Coffee

Mocha Chocolate à la Paris Mocha Chocolate à la Paris

Peppermint Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows Recipe Peppermint Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows Recipe

Spiced pumpkin cider Spiced pumpkin cider

Apple and pear cider cups Apple and Pear Cider Cups

white hot chocoWhite Hot Choco

Which of these winter wedding drinks would you serve your guests?

A Winter Bride in Vintage Blue Ice Skates!

Here is another winter wedding photoshoot ~ inspired by a pair vintage of ice skates in the shade of Robin blue. This shoot is a collaboration between Caitlin of Simply Photography and Andrea of Andrea Dozier Boutique Photography.  Lots of simple, practical, and stunning ideas for brides who adoreDIY and vintage.

winter wedding shoot 3 winter wedding shoot 5 winter wedding shoot 7winter wedding shoot 2

I think the idea of wearing two pairs of tights – lace tights over one in a solid color – is a gorgeous way to keep warm at the same time.  You can see the bride wearing true vintage and vintage-inspired handmade accessories; and a DIY birdcage veil.  She’s also holding a non-traditional bouquet of pine cones!  For favors ~ hot chocolate in jars with super cute DIY embellishments.

b7 b14 b23winter wedding shoot

Are you planning a winter wedding?
Which of these ideas would you like to do?

Seventeen Sweet Pumpkin Recipes for Fall Weddings

Pumpkins are abundant in Autumn months, which is why we see them in a lot of fall weddings.  These yellow / orange gourds are often used as wedding decor  and can also be served on the wedding banquet.  On this post, I’ve gathered seventeen sweet recipes from various blogs and websites where pumpkin is the star ingredient.

spiced pumpkin donutsSpiced Pumpkin Donuts
via: Better Homes and Gardens (found via By Stephanie Lynn)

pumpkin pie creme bruleePumpkin Pie Creme Brulee
via: Guy Fiery for Food Network

Pumpkin Cream TartsPumpkin Cream Tarts with Candied Cranberries
via: Country Living

pumpkin cookiesPumpkin Cookies
via:  Country Living

pumpkin butterSpiced Pumpkin Butter
via:  Better Homes and Garden

mini pumpkin pieMini Pumpkin Pies
via:  My Baking Addiction

pumpkin pie in a jarPumpkin Pie in a Jar
via:  A Farm Girl’s Dabbles

pumpkin spice panna cottaPumpkin Spice Panna Cotta
via:  She Knows

pumpkin pecan tassiesPumpkin Pecan Tassies
via:  BHG

pumpkin pieParadise Pumpkin Pie
via:  BHG

pumpkin custardPumpkin Custards with Peppery Pecans
via:  BHG

pumpkin bourbon puddingPumpkin Bourbon Pudding
via:  BHG

cinnamon pumpkin ice cream sandwichesCinnamon Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches
via:  She Knows

pumpkin butterscotch cupcakesPumpkin Butterscotch Cupcakes
via:  The Domestic Rebel

pumpkin fudgePumpkin Fudge
via:  Sweet Pea’s Kitchen

pumpkin biscoff cupcakesPumpkin Biscoff Cookie Cupcakes
via:  Sis Boom Blog

pumpkin caramelPumpkin Caramels
via: Food Network

These recipes have made use of fresh pumpkin puree or canned pumpkin.  And of course, sweet pumpkin treats aren’t just great for fall weddings, but for winter weddings as well! Which of these sweet pumpkin recipes have you tried and which recipes would you like to try?

Styling a Wedding: Leaves of the Fall

It’s Autumn and the leaves have turned into thousand different shades of red, orange, and yellow.  Beauty to behold!  For this week’s styling a wedding inspiration, the spotlight is on these stunning fall leaves.  A must for every fall wedding.

fall wedding leaf decor 14via

Ever thought of incorporating fall leaves with your wedding bouquet?  Voila!  Mixed with a few blooms and berries of the season, the result is a unique, vibrant bridal bouquet.

fall wedding leaf decor 4via ; via

Loving that piece of fall leaf in the groom’s boutonniere!  And blush pink Autumn leaves strewn together makes a lovely bridal head piece.

fall wedding leaf decorvia ; via

What a simple and cool idea – a fallen leaf under candle holders for that warm touch of Autumn!  And fallen leaves from different trees strewn together in a string makes a lovely garland.

fall wedding leaf decor 3via ; via

Two more examples of how different types of fall leaves can be used in boutonnieres.  Each leaf complements the arrangement so nicely with its natural colors.

fall wedding leaf decor 2via ; via

Real leaves or leaf-shaped fondant makes a pretty cake topper or cake decor.

fall wedding leaf decor 10via ; via

Fallen maple leaves in wooden clips can be used as seating tags.

fall wedding leaf decor 11via ; via

Leaves of autumn tied up in ribbons make charming ornaments outdoors or indoors.  And how cute is the heart-shaped cut-out in this yellow leaf.

fall wedding leaf decor 12via

Fall leaves and twigs can be tied at the back of chairs as decoration.

fall wedding leaf decor 15via

One fall leaf in each table setting . . . simply pretty!

fall wedding leaf decor 13 via

Once in a while, you come across a heart-shaped leaf to hold up under the sunshine!

Doable Wedding Diy: Decoupage Pumpkins

wedding diy  decoupage pumpkinfound via: Pinterest

In previous Styling a Wedding posts I have highlighted pumpkins twice in a row.  Last week, I’ve discovered a DIY tutorial on how to paint pumpkins to match your wedding motif.  Here’s another lovely idea on what you can do with pumpkins or other gourds ~ turn them into decoupage!

The term “decoupage” originated from the French word “decouper”, which means “to cut”.  It is the art of cutting out figures (usually from paper), pasting them into an object, and then covering it in varnish or lacquer to give it a textured finish.  The technique is commonly done in vases and decorative objects, and this time around, in pumpkins.  {source}  You can see the step-by-step guide on how to make these beautiful decoupage wedding pumpkin decor at Pocketful of Dreams.

Beautiful Brides in Cardigans

Planning to get married during the cool months of Autumn, or the frosty winter season?  Then, don’t forget to wear something to keep you warm.  A cardigan?  Why not!  I absolutely love the idea.  Why shiver, when you can feel cozy and warm wearing a cardigan, especially for weddings outdoors!

red bridal cardiganvia

Do you feel like sweaters are only suited with casual outfits, and would not be fitting on formal occasions? Well, many brides have donned cardigans on their wedding day.  It is becoming a trend especially in parts where the weather can be quite chilly or unpredictable. Take a look at these beautiful inspirations of brides wearing cardigans over their gowns.

gold bridal cardiganvia

beige bridal cardiganvia

pastel blue bridal cardiganvia

pastel pink bridal cardiganvia

fuchsia bridal cardiganvia

orange bridal cardiganvia

blue bridal cardiganvia


mustard bridal cardiganvia

green bridal cardiganvia

For the fall bride or the winter bride, a cashmere cardigan is surely more posh.  However, a less expensive version made out of cotton or wool could still look classy, if it has been finely knitted and handmade with care.

Go with a pastel color for that sweet, dreamy feel, or choose a bold hue if a vivacious, whimsical theme is more your thing. I think if you choose the right cardigan to pair with your wedding dress, you would look elegant and every bit as lovely regardless of your personal style.

bridesmaid and bride in cardigansvia

It doesn’t even have to be just the bride!

Would you wear a cardigan over your wedding dress? Would you let your bridesmaids wear sweaters too?

Styling a Wedding: Squash, Gourds & Pumpkins

In my previous Styling a Wedding post, I’ve already featured pumpkins, so you must be wondering why another pumpkin post this week.  Why? All the ideas couldn’t fit into just one post, so I had to do a second one.

fall wedding pumpkin patchvia

I think these fall-inspired pumpkin ring bearer pillows look adorable!

pumpkin ring bearervia ; via ; via

Combined with other elements of the season such as berries, flowers, jars, and candles, pumpkins would make nice accents on the reception table.

pumpkin centerpiece via ; via

This is one of my favorite fall wedding ideas – warm squash soup served in real pumpkin bowls.

pumpkin soup bowlvia ; via ; via

Pumpkins and Autumn leaves look great together, and an effortless way to spruce up the ground.

pumpkin outdoor wedding decorvia ; via ; via

fall wedding pumpkinsvia

Decorate an outdoor wedding ceremony with real pumpkins lining up the aisle or piled in one corner to welcome guests on their arrival.

pumpkin wedding decorvia ; via ; via

white wedding pumpkinsvia

Yes, incorporating pumpkins in a fall wedding can be tasteful if done right. It’s not about occupying every space with gourds, but choosing the ideas carefully, making sure that styling doesn’t look forced or exaggerated.  So, which of these styles would you like to try on your fall wedding?