Styling a Wedding: Recycled Jars

I absolutely love the idea of using jars – of any kind – in styling weddings!  Three very good reasons why you should consider them:  Number one reason is you can use recycled jars so you won’t need to spend so much.  Number two, you can style them in many ways. And number three, they really make wonderful wedding decor!

On this post, I’ve compiled a few of the most stunning ideas I found from various weddings.  Mason Ball jars are quite popular, but jam jars and empty spread containers are perfect too.  Take a look at these inspirations:


How pretty are these drinkers! Mason ball jars and jam jars used as glasses for cocktails or other beverages.

1via ; via 4via ; via 3via ; via

2via ; via

Floral arrangements doesn’t have to be too fancy to look fabulous.  I just love the simplicity of these centerpieces that made use of old jars as vases.

6via ; via
7via ; via
8via ; via

10via ; via

How to style flowers in jars?  Tie them by the seats to decorate the aisle; or hang them up on tree branches, or a bower.  So pretty!

12via ; via

13via  ; via

14via  ; via

Beautify the place with twinkling lights in jars!  There’s always something romantic about tea lights.  Place a tea light inside each jar as a centerpiece or to light up the walkway.

16via  ; via

Or hang them up as lanterns!
Oh so gorgeous!


via  ; via

15via  ; via

18via  ; via

Are you thinking of using recycled jars to style your wedding?  Which of these ideas would you like to do?

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