Adorn the Bride: the Juliet Cap Veil

The Juliet Cap seems to have gotten its name from the 16th century tragic-romance play of William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet. In illustrations and adaptations, we see Juliet wearing this exact style of headpiece. The veil is worn close around the head, like a cap to prevent it from falling.

juliet cap veil 11Stella’s Design

This wedding veil style has become a trend back in the 1920s and 1930s. Remember, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby? – “Gatsby” being synonymous to stylish extravagance, audacity, and sophistication. We see visions of women wearing similar headpieces from this era.

Well, the style has never really disappeared. Grace Kelly had worn a Juliet Cap veil when she married Prince Rainer III of Monaco in 1965. Her bridal gown, veil and complete wedding ensemble were designed by Helen Rose [source].

Grace Kelly veilvia

More recently, supermodel Kate Moss wore a Juliet Cap veil with her 1920s-inspired gown designed by John Galliano.

Kate Moss wedding gownvia

I think the Juliet cap veil is so romantic and ladylike.  Today, I see a lot of designers create variations of the Juliet Cap bridal veil – long, floor-length veils as well as short cap veils in this style.  There are also different ways to wear it, and it truly never fails to add that extra glamour to a bride.

It looks classic and elegant worn with an updo.  But the bride who wears it with her hair down would look just as lovely.  It’s the perfect adornment to an authentic vintage- or vintage-inspired wedding dress.  Here are a few inspirations I found from Etsy.

juliet cap veil 2Sibo Designsjuliet cap veil 6Agnes Hartjuliet cap veil 7 Megan Therese Couture juliet cap veil 8Veiled Beauty juliet cap veil 9Erica Elizabeth Design juliet cap veilPowder Blue Bijouxjuliet cap veil 4Melina Rose Design

juliet cap veil 15


juliet cap veil 10Stella’s Design

Would you wear the Juliet Cap veil on your wedding?

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