Beautiful Brides in Cardigans

Planning to get married during the cool months of Autumn, or the frosty winter season?  Then, don’t forget to wear something to keep you warm.  A cardigan?  Why not!  I absolutely love the idea.  Why shiver, when you can feel cozy and warm wearing a cardigan, especially for weddings outdoors!

red bridal cardiganvia

Do you feel like sweaters are only suited with casual outfits, and would not be fitting on formal occasions? Well, many brides have donned cardigans on their wedding day.  It is becoming a trend especially in parts where the weather can be quite chilly or unpredictable. Take a look at these beautiful inspirations of brides wearing cardigans over their gowns.

gold bridal cardiganvia

beige bridal cardiganvia

pastel blue bridal cardiganvia

pastel pink bridal cardiganvia

fuchsia bridal cardiganvia

orange bridal cardiganvia

blue bridal cardiganvia


mustard bridal cardiganvia

green bridal cardiganvia

For the fall bride or the winter bride, a cashmere cardigan is surely more posh.  However, a less expensive version made out of cotton or wool could still look classy, if it has been finely knitted and handmade with care.

Go with a pastel color for that sweet, dreamy feel, or choose a bold hue if a vivacious, whimsical theme is more your thing. I think if you choose the right cardigan to pair with your wedding dress, you would look elegant and every bit as lovely regardless of your personal style.

bridesmaid and bride in cardigansvia

It doesn’t even have to be just the bride!

Would you wear a cardigan over your wedding dress? Would you let your bridesmaids wear sweaters too?

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