Edible Fall Wedding Favors to Love

I hope you enjoyed my last post on how to use pumpkins in styling a fall wedding.  Today, here are some of my favorite edible favors for Autumn weddings to inspire you.

cookie fall favorvia

Sweet preserves of fruits in season – pear jam, apple butter, pumpkin and orange marmalade, placed in jars with pretty tags.  “Spread the Love”… indeed, spread some sweet love 🙂

fruit preserve fall favorsvia ; via

S’more – a contraction of the phrase “some more”, is traditionally a graham cracker sandwich with chocolate and roasted marshmallow filling, and is a campfire treat, especially in cold seasons.  S’mores are also ideal favors for weddings in the fall or winter.  They can be assembled in charming, little packages as shown in the photos, with tags bearing the message “Sending You S’more Love”. {source}

smores fall wedding favorvia ; via

Think you’re “Meant to Be?”  Then, share some honey sweetness!  And how pretty is this vial of maple syrup, shaped like a maple leaf ~ a fall wedding keepsake!

honey maple syrup fall favorsvia ; via

Candies, popcorn, and mint in wraps and bottles.  They have always been favorite favors at weddings, regardless of the season.  It’s all about the presentation.

candy fall wedding favorvia ; via ; via

On a cold day, what could be more comforting than sipping a mug of hot cocoa?

hot cocoa fall favorvia ; via

Or send home spoonfuls of freshly, roasted coffee beans for coffee-lovers, or packets of tea leaves for “tea” people.

tea and coffee wedding favorvia ; via

A jar of nuts . . .

fall wedding favorvia ; via

Fresh fruits of the season ~ berries in a jar;  crisp apples in burlap bags; or a basket of succulent pears. . . for your guests to take home with.

apples and berries wedding favorvia ; via

I have seen these lovely favors in a lot of fall weddings I come across with online ~ candied apples coated with caramel syrup

candy apple fall favors
via ; via

How about caramel pears and sugared pears?

candy pear fall favors

I’m really torn between the candied fruits and the sweets in jars.  I love to think that after they’ve eaten the goodie, they get to keep the jar to remind them of the wedding day.  But then again, I also love the bags of cocoa, tea and coffee.  And the tiny packages of s’mores is such a cute idea, too!  Which one of these edible fall wedding favors did you like?

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