Styling a Wedding: Pumpkins

The Autumn season is represented by pumpkins, and thus, are often used as decorations in fall weddings. Also known as “winter squash”, they are planted around the months of May – July, and harvested around the months of October to November.

pumpkin weddingvia

Pumpkins are grown worldwide, except in Antarctica.  They come in different sizes – from small to the giant squash varieties.  Pumpkins are green when unripe, and turn to various shades of yellow to orange as they ripen.  Come Autumn season, varieties of pumpkins, squash and gourds are abundant which makes them ideal in styling a fall wedding.

On this post, I’ve gathered some beautiful inspirations on how to style a wedding with pumpkins:

pumpkin wedding placecardsvia ; via ; via ; via

Mini pumpkins make cute place card holders, perfect for a fall wedding.

pumpkin flower vasevia ; via ; via ; via

pumpkin flower vasesvia ; via

These gourds can be used as vases for flowers & foliage, to decorate tables on the reception.

carved wedding pumpkinvia ; via ; via ; via

Carving – an artistic way to use pumpkins as fall wedding ornaments!  Cut each gourd in half, carve out the flesh, and place a candle inside, to make unique wedding lanterns.

painted pumpkinsvia ; via ; via ; via

Paint your pumpkins with colors that match your motif!  Gourds can be sprayed with glitters to achieve a glamorous, metallic finish!

white wedding pumpkinsvia  ;  via  ;  via  ; via

How about all white?  An elegant way of styling a wedding with pumpkins is by coating each gourd with a pristine white paint.

Are you having a fall wedding?  If so, which of these styling ideas would you like for your wedding?

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