Tips and Ideas for a Beautiful Autumn Wedding

The autumn months are here and yesterday’s post featured wedding planner and stylist Jolene Greenbaum Peterson in an interview.  If you haven’t read that post, you can check it out here, to read Jolene’s advice on planning a wedding.  Jolene, herself had a fall wedding, and she has shared photos from her special day that will surely spark an inspiration.

if you are excitedly preparing an Autumn wedding, here are more tips and ideas to consider:

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Take advantage of the colorful season. Fall is the loveliest of seasons. The abundance of colors in nature lends the perfect backdrop to a wedding.

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You may hold the ceremony in a garden, a vineyard, or a backyard, and have the reception inside a home or under a tent.  If it isn’t too cold and you plan to tie the knot during daytime, having both the ceremony and reception outdoors gives you more time to make the most of your beautiful surroundings.

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Spruce up with colors.  Warm, rich tones like reds, oranges, yellows and gold are ideal for Autumn weddings.  A colorful mix of fall colors creates a more romantic ambiance and adds warmth to the scene.

Decorate with natureFoliage, fruits, and flowers of Autumn are all you need to decorate – whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding.  Natural materials such as burlap combined with lace, and an assortment of vintage collectibles mingled with the natural elements of the season would surely transform an ordinary space into an enchanting place.

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Serve hot beverage.  Setting up a “hot beverage” table for cups of warm apple cider or mugs of hot chocolate is a great idea for weddings in the fall.

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Sweeten with the season’s harvest.  Apple candies, apple cider glazed donuts, mini pumpkin cheesecakes, caramel glazed pears for dessert celebrate the season’s harvest and will surely bring smiles to guests with a sweet tooth.

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Snuggle up.  Keep your guests warm and comfortable by having shawls handy.  These warmers can double as favors simply by embroidering your initials and wedding date on each one.

Wear a cardigan.  The weather can be pretty chilly in the fall, so if you’re bridal gown doesn’t have sleeves, make sure that you do not shiver in the cold by wearing a cozy cardigan.

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Have you had a fall wedding?  What tip could you add to this list?   Also, check out this post to see a selection of Autumn-inspired goodies from various handmade shops.

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