Beautiful Inspirations for an Autumn Wedding

If you plan to have your wedding in the month of September, October, or November, take advantage of the season’s produce to decorate your wedding.   Here are beautiful inspirations from five real weddings held in the Fall.

fig and hot cocoa

Dana and Quinn tied the knot on October at the Historic Jamestowne park in Jamestown, Virginia. In photo: the groom’s boutonniere –  ‘Schwarzwalder’ calla lily paired with snow berries; a fresh fig for each plate setting; hot cocoa in mugs rimmed with crushed graham crackers.

cakes and apples

From Maria and Robert’s wedding in Sunriver, Oregon. In photo: a variety of baked delights await guests in the “cake table”; fruit and cheese served on a tree trunk; apples dipped in chocolate & caramel are set out in large copper kettles for guests to take home.

shawl and succulent favors

Giovanna and Schuyler’s wedding took place in Montecito, California.  In photo:  Shawls so guests can stay warm; A mix of florals, succulents, and foliage arranged in rustic urns and terracota pots brighten-up the reception tables; a mini-succulent with a personalized place card as a favor.

fruits foliage florals centerpiece

Claire and Benjamin’s wedding was held in Beverly Hills, California. In photo: fruits as centerpieces; lush flowers of the season in silver vessels; tables were adorned with laurel garlands,persimmons, figs, raspberry branches, and passion fruit vine.

pumpkins apples donuts

This wedding is featured in Wedding Chicks and is a true-blue inspiration for a wedding in the Fall. In photo: the gorgeous bride wearing an orange cardigan over her gown and holding a huge bouquet of autumn flowers; mini pumpkins, apples and glazed donuts at the “Sweets Table”; a large wooden ampersand by a barrel where the programs are set.

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