Cupcakes for Your Wedding

Speaking of cupcakes and weddings, I found these three cake makers and artists who specialize in cakes and cupcakes.  Love the fact that the owners of these shops are hands-on, and personally does the baking and the styling. It’s good knowing that they bake each cake, including the edible decorations from scratch, using only the highest-quality ingredients?

cupcakes by Reddy Made Cakes

Photo Above: “Smore Me Up” cupcakes by Crystal Reddy of Reddy Made Cakes. She is based in Canada, British Columbia. Crystal’s grandmother taught her how to bake using natural ingredients, and she makes everything (& cupcakes) from scratch, without artificial flavors, including the fondant and preserves on her cakes.

cupcakes with yellow frosting

Photo Above: Cupcakes by Alison Lawson Cakes. Alison Lawson is a cake artist who is based in New South Wales, Australia. Her passion for creating edible art inspired her to go into the cake business. She uses only the finest ingredients and all her cakes (&cupcakes) are freshly-baked.

Casey's Cupcakes

Photo Above:  With four winning flavors under her belt: white chocolate cherry, white Russian, chili chocolate and lavender cupcakes- Casey Reinhardt was declared the winner of Food Network’s 2011 Cupcake Wars. She has always been passionate about baking fresh and delicious cupcakes, using only the best ingredients. After the big win, her cupcakes became even more popular and she now has four Casey’s Cupcakes retail stores in the US. Casey lives in Southern California, where she continues to bake her signature cupcakes.

Do you have a favorite cupcake shop in your city?

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