Adorn the Bride with Lovely Headbands

One of the reasons why I created this new blog is to showcase small shops and independent artists who are passionate about creating beautiful things.  This is also a blog for bride-to-be’s and engaged couples who are looking for inspiration and handmade goodies for their weddings.  Let me start with these lovely, bridal headpieces.


Headbands are the perfect accessories- whether the bride wants to have her hair tied-up in a neat bun or to let her tresses flow freely.  Rose of Serenity Crystal created this braided woodland head piece is embellished with velvet leaves, twigs, pearls, pine cone and feather.

bridal lace headband

This headband is by Lo Christensen of Lo Boheme. It is made out of beads, rhinestones, and lace.  I love that it looks very much like a birdcage veil but it’s actually a headband.


Jill Prettyman of Be Something New designed this dainty floral hair band.  It is made out of trim, organza ribbon, and flowers.

bridal bow headband

This simple hair band features a polka dot bow. Adorable! It is made out of English Tulle and silk. It’s designed by Cassandra Lorien of Fox and Hare Design.

lace hair band

Woomi Pyo created this head piece out of hand-cut lace applique and beads.

flower crown hair band

And lastly, here’s a whimsical flower crown- a wonderful adornment for the bohemian bride. I am imagining a garden wedding, with the lovely bride in a vintage wedding dress.   Emily Suidikas of Which Goose designed and created this woodland bridal headpiece.

All the shops mentioned on this post can be found at Etsy, an online marketplace for all things handmade and vintage.  Which one of these lovely, bridal headpieces caught your eye?

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