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Sixteen Hot Beverages Perfect for Winter Weddings

Last week, I have featured two stylish wedding inspirations (here & here) for couples who are planning to get married these winter months. On this post, I present sixteen hot beverages that are perfect for winter weddings!  Click on the name of the drink to view the recipe.

Gluhwein (Hot Mulled Wine) Gluhwein (Hot Mulled Wine)

 Honey Orange Hot Toddy Honey Orange Hot Toddy

Ginger Cognac Tea Ginger and Cognac Tea

Green Tea with Lemon and Pomegranate Green Tea with Lemon and Pomegranate

Homemade Chai Homemade Chai

Homemade White Hot ChocolateHomemade White Hot Chocolate

HOT AND SPICED CHOCOCINOHot and Spiced Chococino

Hot Buttered Rum Hot Buttered Rum Drink

Hot Rice Breakfast Drink Hot Rice Breakfast Drink

hot white chocolate with rum sweetpaulHot White Chocolate with Rum

Irish Coffee Irish Coffee

Mocha Chocolate à la Paris Mocha Chocolate à la Paris

Peppermint Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows Recipe Peppermint Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows Recipe

Spiced pumpkin cider Spiced pumpkin cider

Apple and pear cider cups Apple and Pear Cider Cups

white hot chocoWhite Hot Choco

Which of these winter wedding drinks would you serve your guests?

bridal tiara 7

Adorn the Bride: Beautiful Tiara

The tiara is one of the most versatile headpieces a bride can wear. Style and materials can range from simple to the more elaborate designs.  This adornment can also be worn with varying hairstyles, whether the bride chooses an updo or let her tresses down.  Here are a few stunning pieces I found at Etsy:

bridal tiara 3Rhinestone princess tiara by Love Like Stylebridal tiaraRhinestone rose and leaf tiara by Myra Kim
bridal tiara 2Pip berries on a brown vine by de Loop
bridal tiara 4Woodland-inspired tiara by Which Goose
bridal tiara 5Crystal & silver tiara by Pale Lip
bridal tiara 6White coral freshwater pearl tiara, inspired by the 19th century French Royalty by Erica Elizabeth Designbridal tiara 7One-of-a-kind bridal headpiece made out of abalone shell by Holly Stalder

bridal tiara 8Bridal tiara with Swarovski crystals by Aya Jewellery

Which of these bridal tiaras caught your eye?

Would you wear one on your wedding?

A Winter Bride in Vintage Blue Ice Skates!

Here is another winter wedding photoshoot ~ inspired by a pair vintage of ice skates in the shade of Robin blue. This shoot is a collaboration between Caitlin of Simply Photography and Andrea of Andrea Dozier Boutique Photography.  Lots of simple, practical, and stunning ideas for brides who adoreDIY and vintage.

winter wedding shoot 3 winter wedding shoot 5 winter wedding shoot 7winter wedding shoot 2

I think the idea of wearing two pairs of tights – lace tights over one in a solid color – is a gorgeous way to keep warm at the same time.  You can see the bride wearing true vintage and vintage-inspired handmade accessories; and a DIY birdcage veil.  She’s also holding a non-traditional bouquet of pine cones!  For favors ~ hot chocolate in jars with super cute DIY embellishments.

b7 b14 b23winter wedding shoot

Are you planning a winter wedding?
Which of these ideas would you like to do?

Styling a Wedding: Recycled Jars

I absolutely love the idea of using jars – of any kind – in styling weddings!  Three very good reasons why you should consider them:  Number one reason is you can use recycled jars so you won’t need to spend so much.  Number two, you can style them in many ways. And number three, they really make wonderful wedding decor!

On this post, I’ve compiled a few of the most stunning ideas I found from various weddings.  Mason Ball jars are quite popular, but jam jars and empty spread containers are perfect too.  Take a look at these inspirations:


How pretty are these drinkers! Mason ball jars and jam jars used as glasses for cocktails or other beverages.

1via ; via 4via ; via 3via ; via

2via ; via

Floral arrangements doesn’t have to be too fancy to look fabulous.  I just love the simplicity of these centerpieces that made use of old jars as vases.

6via ; via
7via ; via
8via ; via

10via ; via

How to style flowers in jars?  Tie them by the seats to decorate the aisle; or hang them up on tree branches, or a bower.  So pretty!

12via ; via

13via  ; via

14via  ; via

Beautify the place with twinkling lights in jars!  There’s always something romantic about tea lights.  Place a tea light inside each jar as a centerpiece or to light up the walkway.

16via  ; via

Or hang them up as lanterns!
Oh so gorgeous!


via  ; via

15via  ; via

18via  ; via

Are you thinking of using recycled jars to style your wedding?  Which of these ideas would you like to do?

Adorn the Bride: the Juliet Cap Veil

The Juliet Cap seems to have gotten its name from the 16th century tragic-romance play of William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet. In illustrations and adaptations, we see Juliet wearing this exact style of headpiece. The veil is worn close around the head, like a cap to prevent it from falling.

juliet cap veil 11Stella’s Design

This wedding veil style has become a trend back in the 1920s and 1930s. Remember, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby? – “Gatsby” being synonymous to stylish extravagance, audacity, and sophistication. We see visions of women wearing similar headpieces from this era.

Well, the style has never really disappeared. Grace Kelly had worn a Juliet Cap veil when she married Prince Rainer III of Monaco in 1965. Her bridal gown, veil and complete wedding ensemble were designed by Helen Rose [source].

Grace Kelly veilvia

More recently, supermodel Kate Moss wore a Juliet Cap veil with her 1920s-inspired gown designed by John Galliano.

Kate Moss wedding gownvia

I think the Juliet cap veil is so romantic and ladylike.  Today, I see a lot of designers create variations of the Juliet Cap bridal veil – long, floor-length veils as well as short cap veils in this style.  There are also different ways to wear it, and it truly never fails to add that extra glamour to a bride.

It looks classic and elegant worn with an updo.  But the bride who wears it with her hair down would look just as lovely.  It’s the perfect adornment to an authentic vintage- or vintage-inspired wedding dress.  Here are a few inspirations I found from Etsy.

juliet cap veil 2Sibo Designsjuliet cap veil 6Agnes Hartjuliet cap veil 7 Megan Therese Couture juliet cap veil 8Veiled Beauty juliet cap veil 9Erica Elizabeth Design juliet cap veilPowder Blue Bijouxjuliet cap veil 4Melina Rose Design

juliet cap veil 15


juliet cap veil 10Stella’s Design

Would you wear the Juliet Cap veil on your wedding?

Wedding Motif Inspiration: Apple Green

I’ve started the week with a post on apple cocktails, so it would be fitting to end with an apple post.  This time, I’m talking about this crisp, vibrant shade of apple green.  Think you’d like to make this your wedding motif?   Here are a couple of inspirations:

apple green wedding favorvia

apple green motifapple green wedding 1via ; via ; via ; viaapple green wedding 4apple green wedding 3via ; via ; via ; via

apple green wedding 6 apple green wedding 5via ; via ; via ; via

green vintage car with applesvia

Would you make green apple your wedding motif?

Doable Wedding DIY: Apple Butter in Jars

diy apple butter recipevia:  Yours Truly

I hope you enjoyed this Apple Orchard wedding from last day’s post.   Today, I found this apple butter recipe from Yours Truly blog.  It seems easy enough for anyone to do, even for none-cooks:)  All you need is a food processor to grate your fresh apples, and later to smoothen the mixture. Slow cook all the ingredients in a pot for a few hours, and you’re done.   Your apple butter is ready to be placed in sealed jars.  Check out the entire recipe here.

Certainly a wonderful, edible wedding favor for fall weddings.  You can make it at least a week or a few weeks before the big day.  Frozen, the butter can last up to 3 months.  Prettify each jar with a customized tag [Example:”Spread the LOVE”], and lock it with a cinnamon stick.